Journal Entry # 2. November 2, 2013

I survived last night, yesterday, the whole deal of push-and-pull desire to eat meat gone at least for my Day #1. Tremendous challenge I say.  Couldn’t really sleep right away. Two reasons: force of habit and necessity. I’m a late-sleeper and added to that is the fact that I’m in school so I have to do a lot of reading at night before going to bed. It was a Friday you say — I know — but not for me.  Around 11 o’ clock as I was studying and wide awake I thought about heading downstairs and raiding the refrigerator.  Very hungry! Grabbed a whole bunch of nuts and chugged two bottles of water instead.  I mus-ta known it before but just didn’t pay any attention, I learned something about being hungry:    when you’re hungry, you can eat anything! By anything I realized I could get stuffed with non-meat or non-dairy food. So that was cool.

I wake up this morning and immediately thought about bacon and eggs. Yum! but fought that and ended up eating a tiny bowl of oat meal.  Lactaid milk for my 3-yr old, soy for me.  That was going to be my pre-run nutrition also + a banana and 8 ounce of Accelerade.


     Felt really light heading up to the trail head.  Started really slow, matter of fact very slow paced 2:1 interval the whole 7+ miles. I haven’t really seriously run in like eons and so I think it’s just appropriate that I take things easy. 2-min run: 1 minute walk did it for me.  I remember reading a “wellness” run quote somewhere…hmm, can’t remember, but I think it said something about not breaking down your body from too intense training.  Sometimes (I’m talking in the past sometimes) that works for me, sometimes that didn’t.

Wow, fall in full swing this side of town. Weather puts it at 64 deg real time,, some wind. Not too many folk in the trail.  I’ve been in this trail about a couple of times but today was by far the longest I ran it.  I actually started running again last Tuesday of this week., then on, I think, Thursday? Did 4 mi for both, so this day was supposed to be a “long run”.  A long run with a “LOL” at the end.  I laugh at my pathetic situation right now as I remember there was a time when I really did the true long runs.  Hours time-in-feet! Like 5-6 hours just being out there.  But hey, no reason to be thinking about the past now, huh?  I hate it too, saying that phrase “I used to…”.   Hope not to ever use that ever again.

I created a sort of a collage in my iphone. Randomly took pictures of the trails and nature stuff, wanted to share them with anyone purposely reading this blog or not.  It was kinda gloomy day out, almost mid day already and the sun seemed to refuse to peek through the clouds, or the clouds refuse to let the sun peek, whatever. Thank goodness for apps I just went ahead and edited the crap out of them. Looks fall enough for me.


And here’s the map/route.  Not bad for something like a long run.  I put some other photos, or “selfies” on there also, for contrast.  I had longer hair than that one, way longer, back in the ultra days 😉  Once again, stop looking back! Okay, back in the surfing days.  Mind you it was kinda cool like that, long hair, surfing, single, you know.  Can’t help it.


Immediately, just like I used to, I chugged a protein drink (RAW — vegan protein, how about that!) mixed with berries, tomatoes, bananas, apples, spinach, cucumber, coconut oil, nuts, what else? I don’t know, earlier before heading out  I just grabbed stuff from the fruit and vegs section of the fridge, throw them in the blender… anyway, chugged the whole thing I did, + the other bottle of accelerade + an extra bottle of water.  Might have been a little too much, huh? Says who? c’mon they weren’t meat!!!  I thought they were good stuff.  I have valid reasons for doing this.  I know when I come home there will be a spread on the table for lunch, so that would prevent the hunger trigger from going up.  Weekends and family tradition, guests, kids, college games, all that stuff, I know.  It’s a food fiesta at home on weekends, no wonder why everyone’s floppy.  Well, except my wife, coz, you know, she’s just fine, really.  She has this burning furnace inside her flat belly that whatever she eats gets burned right away.  Still I would wish for her to be smart at her food choices.  Maybe one day.

For dinner I sneaked out of the house and got this from subway:


No dairy, no meat.  Just avocados and the other veg works + olive oil + bottled water.  I wished subway would have more bread choices though.

But now I’m hungry again.  I have the kale and some vegannaise I picked up yesterday from the store. Also glutten-free bread.  Hmm…

Tomorrow, Sunday, is I think “active” recovery day.  Does that mean I get to eat meat?  I hope not.  I might go for a spin though, say 20 to 25 miles? We’ll see.  I got a test on Tuesday.

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Braised Kale

See, I’m looking around for vegan recipes and this is one of the many that stands out. It’s simple and pretty easy to make. I’m curious to know what other vegan dish I could pair this with. Beer? Not. I gotta have some fibers and protein. I’d probably be prepping and eating this at dinner time, I don’t know, maybe for lunch. Snap, I’m suppose to try to do a long run tomorrow, goodness! Maybe some pasta?


Here is a quick and easy recipe for braised kale. Braising involves searing or browning the main ingredient and then simmering it in a small amount of liquid. We often do braised greens and beans as a quick side dish; here we will give you a basic recipe using kale and garlic.


  • 2-3 handfulls of kale (washed and patted dry)
  • 2-3 cloves of garlic
  • 2 Tbsp – 1/4 C. veg stock (depends on how “soupy” you want the kale)
  • 1 Tbsp of olive oil

The How To

  1. In a large saute pan heat the olive oil over medium-low heat. Add the garlic and sauté for 30-45 seconds (don’t burn).
  2. Add the kale in small batches, tossing it with the olive oil and garlic until all the kale is in the pan.
  3. Cook for another minute then add the stock. Toss the kale to coat, then cover the pan. You…

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